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The Early Years

For 4 years I traveled the States seeing bands like Santana, Jefferson Airplane, The Allman Brothers Band and The Grateful Dead. I would return for periods of time to attend my high school classes, and I was so eager to graduate that I completed my junior and senior year of high-school together so I could buy a van and travel across the country for what would’ve been my senior year in high school.


No, I wasn’t with my parents, but rather with my best friend...How we traveled and how we started our own jewelry business is for another time, but suffice it to say, I have been an entrepreneur since my teenage years.  I learned that having a product that others want, gives you a market.   


After traveling for those years I chose to attend college and study Biology and Health Sciences. At the early age of 20, while still in college, I found myself co-owning 3 houses and 11 cars. This life of opulence and privilege revealed to me that life is not defined by the things I own, but by the person I am.  I learned that to have money opens up possibilities but didn’t give me inner peace.  

That discovery came to me when I was in a nearly fatal car accident that caused me to examine my fragile life.  I had never put too much emphasis on my appearance, but overnight I found myself questioning who I was without physical beauty?  My body and spirit suffered intensely from this accident and I did not know if my vanity would return to me. My face had been burned and several bones were broken.  Before this happened, I identified myself with my body. My body now injured, gave me a new foundation to discover who I am, learning that my body is an extension of my mind, specifically my thoughts.  


Without the ability to dance, my love and passion, I was literally at a place where I had to rediscover movement and question how I would recover from this horrible accident.  In a life-threatening moment, the fragility of my life revealed to me how quickly everything from money, beauty and power can be stripped away.  Without that injury, my life may have taken a different path, but through the pain, I learned to embrace my life with an entirely new perspective.  I dedicated my life to studying body healing and psychology.  I have literally spent more than 20,000 hours training in human psychology and physiology and I am still learning.  

Many people might stop right there thinking, “Kerri can’t understand my pain because I am exhausted, hurting from this situation and she can’t grasp the decisions I have to make.” But at the age of 21, I had to make a decision that radically altered everything in my life. I found myself like many women in a physically abusive co-dependent relationship and I had to decide; “Leave the money, houses, and even the man to venture out alone into the unknown or stay in that relationship?” After many difficult nights of introspection I knew I had to leave. Walking away meant leaving so many things I had grown accustomed to, but I knew I had no choice. I wish I could say I had many friends who helped me make the decision, but the truth was my partner had isolated me so much that I literally had no one. I felt completely alone and hadn’t even shared with my family what I had been going through. There were so many unknowns at this point, as I felt like there were many questions without answers, but there was one truth I knew without question, no one should abuse another person. I had a choice to stay or go, and I had to go.



So taking what I knew about business, I began applying this knowledge to my own business as a massage therapist. As I worked in this field, I found my clients returned week after week with the same issues and although that was great for business, I wanted more. I started a quest, my personal drive to solve what would and could effectively heal the body permanently. I wanted to learn and then teach others how to be completely free from pain. As I mentioned before this could put me out of a job, but I really didn't care, this question was more important then to continue having the cycle appear again and again.


My desire for this type of training continued to grow and so did my massage therapy business.  So much so that within a very short time, I sold my business and moved to Atlanta to work alongside some of the greatest teachers and coaches in Neurolinguistic Programming.

I hired NLP master teachers and coaches to teach me how my brain was command central to my body. During this time of intensive study, I learned that working on my relationship with my family was an essential step to changing my life. This took rigorous commitment and practicing the techniques I have compiled and teach in the Skill of Love to stabilize my loving relationships with my family.

This fulfilled my greatest desire to learn about how the body is able to heal.  Over the past 13 years I have completed certifications in modalities such as NLP, Syntropy/Feldenkrais, AIS, Ontological Design, The GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS® Methods, Power Pilates, remote healing, and more dance.

My world changed again at 25 years old when I met Mr. Wiggles, the man who taught Michael Jackson to moonwalk.  He became my first dance teacher in 9 years.  Six weeks later I was booked on a National American Idol tour as a backup dancer. I knew this was my last shot to dance professionally. I had grown up dancing in NYC during my summers, studying with greats such as Mia Michaels and Frankie Hatchet. 

When I was 26 years old, I was hired to perform to thousands on stage with acts like Diana DeGarmo. A year later, I was chosen to be part of a sexy sultry burlesque troupe called Crazy Horse at MGM Grand in Las Vegas. 


At 28,  I met a man who I thought was the love of my life. This meeting began my quest on the difference between love and loving, and has since been the inspiration and groundwork acumen for The Skill of Love System.


Ending that relationship was a turning point for me and I became very ill. At the time I did not know why I was so sick. I had many doctors, was in five different hospitals, had two blood transfusions and lost all of my hair. 


By the time I was 31, I came back stronger than before and put myself back on my feet and moved to California. I started to share my message and story on stage with groups like The March of Dimes, Piedmont Healthcare, The Atlanta Business Chronicle, and The Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America.

After having no answers to what had occurred in 2011 that almost took my life; in 2015, I was finally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. At that moment…I felt the shock, the disbelief, and I questioned how this could happen as I have always been a strong advocate for eating high-quality food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in conjunction with teaching the most technologically advanced exercise system on the plant!




Now I am faced with a life-threatening disease. This has not deterred me from my mission. It has delayed me and taught me patience and faith, but has not taken from me my spirit or my freedom. It is my great privilege and honor if I am to meet you one day and share my knowledge with you to improve your life.