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Awaken to Your  Love

Awaken To Your Love is a transformational experience that cultivates energetic motion in the body. Dynamic music will penetrate every cell of your body and stimulate you to move, express and cultivate the fire within. 

Students of all ages participate in this all-out dance marathon! In any one 90-min EVENT, you can find first-time beginners and seasoned veterans, all participants frolicking together and enjoying the heck out of themselves. It is really a unique experience.

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Curious about how to dramatically improve your health via your body alignment?


Interested in exploring how to reconnect with your body’s aliveness and the pleasure that lies within it?


Open to freeing your inner sensuality and using it to feel more alive, free and exciting in all areas of your life?


Curious to learn your highest outcome for the relationships that are most important to you?


Awaken to  Your  Love