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Physical Pain to Optimal

Functionality in 5 Steps


  1. Discover the Root cause of your Pain.

  2. Notice Root cause of your Pain.

  3. Watch your Pain disappear.

  4. Gain muscle tone.

  5. Walk, sit, and stand with alignment and balance.

Kerri uses safe and effective ways and methods, techniques, and applications to restore and rejuvenate your entire body. She uses the latest research in exercise science and kinesiology to bring your body to its optimal level.

Goals of Programs

To restore to your body’s complete Range of Motion

Stress can accumulate in our bodies to the point where imbalances are created. These imbalances alter normal bodily functioning and can lead to a host of problems including limited Range of Motion.



To restore balanced length and strength to your paired muscles

When performing a function, all muscles have opposing muscles or groups of muscles that act to counter-balance the working muscles. When the working muscle becomes stronger or tighter than its partner muscle, then a “length-strength imbalance” occurs. In time, this imbalance leads to tension in the opposing muscle. For example, tight chest muscles pull the shoulders forward causing muscles in the lower back to elongate. Over time, the lower back muscles lose hydration and blood flow and become long, tight and painful. In such cases, we stretch the tight chest muscles, so as to strengthen the weak opposing muscles.



To recondition painful muscles, adhesions, fibrosis, and joint dysfunction

Untreated injuries can distort your body’s proper mechanics by creating imbalances in your blood flow and energy flow. These tissue imbalances are yet another stress that your body has to regulate. I work with techniques that restore your fluidity, relieve stress and reshape your body's soft tissues.

Unleashing your full potential:

First, I evaluate your entire body to find imbalances and weaknesses. I identify places where your body is restricted and places that are too strong and too weak. Such imbalances and weaknesses account for misaligned posture, nagging tension, bodily pain and discomfort.


Then, I help strengthen the weaknesses and restore the balances in your body by stretching you in a way that resets the muscle length neurologically so that a new, permanent flexibility is achieved.


All of this creates a total body structure that is in integrity with the ideal human body frame and proportions. This allows a person to achieve optimal performance and function in any of life’s activities.


I’ll observe your movements, and show you the best body mechanics.  Also, sometimes, one’s problems are not only biomechanical, but may stem from emotional, and/or nutritional causes. I can often help identify the roots of such problems and advise on methods of change.


All in all, I work with the Body Based Business systems to create new strategies that will lead you to greater health and well-being. 


Month 1  Learn new movements.

                  Introduction to GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®


Month 2  Discover the root cause of your pain


Month 3  Notice the root cause of your pain and know what to do

                  to shift the sensation when it comes up

                  Introduction into Nutritional Program if enrolled in 6

                  month program


Month 4  Watch your pain disappear


Month 5  Gain muscle tone


Month 6  Walk, sit and stand with alignment and balance

3 Months

  • Nine 60-90 min sessions

  • Phone session of introduction to Nutrition Program

  • Homework with exercises

6 Months

  • Eighteen 60-90 min sessions  

  • Nutrition consult and my individualized program

  • Homework with exercises