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4211 N Buffalo Rd

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Orchard Park, NY 14127

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Professional Bio

Her clients hire her for her amazing ability to show them how to make a permanent long-term shift in their health and well-being.  



She is particularly adept at:

• Restoring mobility to the spine, the loss of which can lead to the degeneration of the vertebrae

• Addressing issues of lost mobility and pain due to knee, hip, ankle, rotator cuff injuries and more

• Restoring proper alignment of the entire body to allow its peak functioning

• Processing and releasing trauma related old injuries still causing physical and emotional pain


Clients hire Kerri for her ability (1) to recognize the unique challenges they face in reaching their best health; and (2) create a plan to resolve the pain, lost mobility, lost flexibility and other limitations they each experience. Each of Kerri's personal clients has an individualized plan that they work on for an agreed time period. This plan is modified on an on-going basis as old issues are resolved and clients seek even greater health than they imagined possible.


Many, many clients experience joy in movement and exercise for the first time since they were children. The result of working consistently on an individualized program tailored to address your unique body and concerns is a long term shift in health, improved sleeping habits, greater energy and enthusiasm for life. Clients rave about the practical ideas, implementation tips, and step-by-step guidance that make achieving amazing health possible.