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What is Keto Upgrade?

Health & Performance

Ketosis is the process whereby your body shifts from using glucose  for fuel and starts relying on fat as your primary source of energy. There are countless benefits to changing from carbohdrates to fats including but not limited to: 




  • weight loss 

  • mental clarity

  • increased energy

  • healing chronic illnesses

  • increasing metabolism

  • decreasing blood sugar levels

  • increase in performance


​Nutritional Ketosis is achieved  by significantly reducing carbohydrate intake, thereby enabling the body to change from relying on glycogen (carbohydrates) as its main source of energy to relying on ketones (fat). Specifically, the shifts from being dependent on carbohydrates, to using fat as its primary source of energy. However, in order for this to be accomplsihed

Ketosis is an entirely new outlook on food and life. It is completely upstream from the norm that is taught today. We have been told to eat a low-fat, low sugar diet in moderation and that we will lose weight, remain healthy, and live happily ever after.

But how do we account for:

  • The millions that are still sick? 

  • The rising obesity numbers?

  • The reason behind a pill driven society?

  • The rising cost of health care?

  • The number

We all know someone in our family, (it could even be ourself) who is overweight or obese and is very unhappy about that.  In America, there is 50 million people who are ...

(google research of number of all the bullets) 


Bring it home and how not only their lives but the lives of our familes and societies woould change.  Bigger mission... 

Weight Loss

Adapting to using ketones as your primary fuel source, takes time so the first step is: Don't be in a Rush.


It could take from 3 weeks to 3 months to fully adapt to using ketones as your primary fuel source. The time to adust is dependent upon:







  • Current metabolic state

  • Limiting carbohydrates

  • Limiting protein

  • Maximizing fat intake

  • Getting adequate sleep

  • Exercise

Yes, your body can produce ketones in a relatively short amount of time; however, the body doesn't chose to use them as your primary source of energy until carbohdrates are drastically reduced for a period of time, so that the body is forced to burn fat as energy.


This process takes time! To get to the Next Level Sh*t you have to be willing to go through some Sh*t to get there. So if you're willing to go climb the mountain and won't quit until you summit, you will discover that using fat as your primary source of fuel is by far superior to using carbohdrates.