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Who we are and what we bring to the table to transform your life!

I'm Kerri Affronti and I've been passionate about health, fitness, and athletic performance all my life. I started dancing at the age of two and within a few short years, I was performing on stage with some of the best dancers in the country. Dance and perfoming on stage was what I lived for until I got hurt. 


During a performance, I fell and landed on my tail bone but got right back up and continued dancing till the end. However, becasue of the severity of the injury and the intesity of the pain (at age 10) I had to be pulled out of dance and school for the remained of the year. This began my lifelong journey of understanding the body, how it works, the fuel it requires, and way to gain optimal performance. 


Because I am radical in literally everything  I do, for me It's All or Nothing Baby! So pain and injury have been my companions for years and I have continually sought answers to discover the best way to attain optimal performance before, during and after injuries. This has become my quest as I now suffer from ulcerative colitis as a by-product of all the antibodics and medications that I took for years. 

Hi everyone! I'm Jackie Andrews and I am radical about living my life to the fullest and love just being alive. But behind the scene in my life, there was always one thing holding me back. That one thing that kept me torrmenting me and dropping me to my knees...compulsive overeating!


I have been on or off a diet for almost 27 years and have lost and gained countless pounds over the years. Literally, I have tried everything to gain freedom from this addiction to carbohydrates and absolutely NOTHING worked until now! 


Here was my problem: Once I started eat the "forbidden" foods, I just couldn't stop! I had to have more and more food to satisfy me. I could go for days, weeks, even sometimes even months doing FANTASTIC on my "new" diet plan, but then... Those really are the words that change everything for dieters...but then__________.

Then that one thing happens that triggers that longing desire within you to eat and all you can think about is eating. It's a torment because until you give in, it doesn't stop.