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4211 N Buffalo Rd

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Orchard Park, NY 14127

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After one session with Kerri, the pain had subsided 80%, which is the first positive result I have had since the injury occurred. After the second session, it was gone completely, and has been gone ever since. Amazing! 

Brad C

I had a frozen shoulder when I went to see her, Kerri helped me make a full recovery from my car accident, which I honestly didn’t think was possible. Thanks to her I have my life back since our sixth week of working together.

Shae T

Having a session with Kerri is the most amazing experience. The body movements are so simple but right after a few minutes, muscles I never thought existed were coming alive. I was walking differently and standing straight. She is a master.

Rick P

Suzanne M

Kerri is a truly amazing and gifted person and she has helped me in so many ways. I've seen many doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, etc and no one has come close to being able to assist me in realigning and reconditioning my body the way she has and in such a short amount of time. She is unbelievably intuitive and perceptive and I have gained so many insights into my body, my behaviors and my life through our work together. She is a wonderful motivator and inspiration for change.


When she is with you, all of her attention is on your well being and out of that laser-like focus comes profound insights. No matter what is going on in my day I always leave a session with Kerri feeling hopeful and inspired about life. Her passion and warmth is contagious and I am always looking forward to the next time I see her.

John G

The great Dr. Henry Walton "Indiana" Jones is quoted as saying, "it's not the years honey, it's the mileage." Ain't that God's honest truth. After years of throwing around heavy equipment and being too much of a "dude" to ask for help, I was finally convinced to at least *start* taking care of my body. I met Kerri through my sister and she offered to help me begin to address problems I've had with my back and legs for years. To gain anything from this review you must know that I am very stubborn and a bit of a skeptic when it comes to what I consider "new age hokum." But I agreed to give it a shot because well, I need to.


To begin with, Kerri is incredibly patient as she walks you through the various stretches and attempts at realignment. Always positive, always reassuring, and will explain and re-explain things until a monkey like me understands it. That's a huge plus to me, that someone isn't looking to just assembly line you through the session to get you in and out the door. She genuinely cares about your health and improvement. I have only been with her for three sessions and I am already starting to feel the results. My upper spine feels much better and I have a lot less pain in my lower spine. My Achilles tendons have also been a major source of pain for me and Kerri has helped me start to correct those problems along with pronation issues in my feet. All this in just three sessions!


So if you have issues with your body and you are ready to address them, or if you need someone to help you get your mind right, I can think of no better person to begin the process with! You can thank me later…

Mike K

Kerri's personal journey is inspiring. It has made her a true healer. I was lucky enough to have her as my teacher when trying Gyrotonic for the first time; naturally I was hooked. Session after session she taught me the value of letting my body heal itself. Over time, stability, flexibility and strength were improved. She introduced me to the "medicine" of this practice that continues to be an important part of my life. Thank you!

Laurent Z

Kerri is really fantastic! She is an amazing coach, very professional, and a great healer. I had major back pain and she really helped me feeling so much better and stronger. She has a great energy, and a very big heart! I would recommend Kerri to anyone who needs adjustments in their body or just feeling stronger for the years to come. She is irreplaceable!

Van T

Kerri is an absolute pro. I tried so many doctors and practitioners to help with my physical suffering and was basically ready to live with the pain. Kerri helped me train and understand how to properly resolve this issue. Beyond that, Kerri has furthered my understanding of body, mind and how to better serve my overall wellness going forward. I'm in the best place mentally and physically I've been in years and Kerri Affronti deserves a great deal of the credit.

Tom P

I am a 76 year old retired person, and I came to Kerri a little over a year ago with a nerve problem in one of my legs that was affecting the way I walked. Working with her a couple of times a week and doing some home exercises that she designed for me, my walking has definitely improved. More generally, I've come to like the dynamic range of movement that Gyrotonic provides, and Kerri is very proficient and vigilant at administering this system and seeing that I achieve my optimal range of movement. Previously I had a regular Yoga based exercise routine, but it had become a bit too routine and static, and it feels good to have moved on. Finally, Kerri is easy to work with and tremendously knowledgeable. She's positive and upbeat. She has given me much more flexibility and I feel better. I highly recommend her. 

Rose M

I worked out with Kerri for more than 2 years while she lived and worked in Atlanta. Hands down, she is the best teacher I have ever had. Her knowledge of anatomy and physiology is outstanding. I deeply appreciated her loving focus on my health and well being. I always felt I had a complete workout and left her with both mind and body refreshed.  After years of weight training and then quitting because I disliked everything I was doing, Kerri reinvigorated my workouts and 18 months after she moved to LA, I am still consistently working out and feeling as good now as I ever have in my life. Kerri is just the best!